It Doesn’t Get Any Groovier Than This

It's a well-documented fact that I like items of a retro nature. Lava lamps. Dogs-playing-poker tapestries. Avocado green appliances. The Bee Gees. So, when my birthday rolled around on Friday and Tara presented me with this, I was absolutely thrilled. She had been teasing me with hints all week. "It's something you've always wanted," she said. She … Continue reading It Doesn’t Get Any Groovier Than This

Keyboard, Scorpion, Brad Pitt

Even though I didn't go looking for another addiction in my life, I've officially found one. It's a smart phone app called Draw Something, and holy cow am I hooked! It all started when I saw friends on Facebook talking about the app and looking for people to play with. It sounded kinda lame, to … Continue reading Keyboard, Scorpion, Brad Pitt

Farewell Bachelorhood: How to Tell You’re Living With a Female

Tara and I have been living together for a full week now, and it has been wonderful. We've been sore from using a lot of muscles that don't normally get a workout (from all the lifting and moving and unpacking - get your minds out of the gutter already!), but also subscribe to the adage … Continue reading Farewell Bachelorhood: How to Tell You’re Living With a Female

Boxes And Boxes (And More Boxes)

Saturday evening, I watched my countdown clock tick down to the final seconds of Tara's arrival. Sure enough, just a few minutes later she showed up outside, thirteen hours after setting out from Ely. Our estimate proved to be pretty spot on, as she got here at 7:15 PM. Her dad was right behind, pulling … Continue reading Boxes And Boxes (And More Boxes)

Fate Had a Backup Plan

Tomorrow, my life changes forever. It's not every day you can say that. Sometime after 7:00 PM Saturday evening, Tara will be pulling up to my townhouse. Not for a visit this time, but to stay. This is the culmination of a long friendship that led to a wonderful, perfect relationship. The fact that we … Continue reading Fate Had a Backup Plan

Finbar Furey is Irish

It's amazing, the things you find when you're cleaning house or rearranging furniture. Take this past weekend, for instance. I'm prepping my home for Tara's arrival, because see that little countdown box over there to the left? 5 days, man. Five days!! She's nearly here, and I need to do a little work to get … Continue reading Finbar Furey is Irish


I was watching Lost In Translation not long ago. Great movie, and I've mentioned before my fondness for Bill Murray. I do believe he's one of the premier actors of our generation, and if you don't believe me, I've got two words for you: Day, and Groundhog. Only not in that order. There's a scene in the … Continue reading Kara-not-oke

How I Crashed Spring Break

All my adult life, I've had this fascination with Spring Break. This is probably because when I was the proper age to enjoy Spring Break the way it was meant to be enjoyed - which is to say, drinking until the wee hours of the night while surrounded by busty coeds while on vacation someplace … Continue reading How I Crashed Spring Break

The Velveeta Verdict

There are several things in life I swore I'd never do. Shop at Walmart. Listen to country music. Go bungee jumping. Read a single page of any of the Twilight books. Buy Velveeta. So it is with great consternation that I must confess to committing a cardinal sin this weekend, and breaking one of my own hard-and-fast … Continue reading The Velveeta Verdict