A Taste of Winter

Autumn in the Black Hills sure was beautiful for the two whole weeks that it lasted.

I kid, I kid. But we definitely had a taste of winter this past week. For three straight days the temperature never climbed out of the 30s – our highs were colder than our average lows for the date! And we got 2.8″ of snow, as well. I knew it could snow in October around here. I just didn’t think it actually would!

Just when all hope of ever seeing fall again was nearly lost, today was sunny and 56. Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day. And next week we’ll be pushing 70. Such is life on the Great Plains.

I’ll be back with a proper post next week. For now, enjoy the snow pics. Especially you, Ron!

2018-10-10 06.52.23-01.jpeg

Downtown Rapid City


Wilderness Park across the street from our apartment

2018-10-10 08.21.29-01.jpeg

Canyon Lake Park


Did global cooling kill the dinosaurs?


So beautiful!


We sat beneath this willow on a hot July afternoon and dipped our feet in the water

2018-10-10 08.18.41-01.jpeg

Clashing seasons

2018-10-10 08.50.25-01.jpeg

I should have packed a picnic lunch!

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7 replies

  1. The Canyon Lake Park pic is very pretty. You are really going to enjoy Xmas this year, aren’t you? Enjoy the yoyo of the seasons.


  2. ” For three straight days the temperature never climbed out of the 30s – our highs were colder than our average lows for the date! And we got 2.8β€³ of snow, as well. ”

    Mark, that’s freaking AMAZING to me, considering that last week and earlier this week, we had temps OVER 80 degrees!?! However, yesterday and today we FINALLY got some cooler Fall weather (60’s-50’s). And guess what? Everyone is complaining that it’s TOO COLD, can you believe that? But that’s Philly for you, all they do is complain 😦

    GORGEOUS photographs! OMG…the one of the willow trees is STUNNING!

    Thanks so much for sharing your pre-winter season with me. As you know, I’m sooooooooo enjoying it!

    Have a fab weekend, my friend!


  3. Snow in October? You betcha! When considering a Halloween costume in my neck of the woods, one always takes into consideration that there may be snow. We have a picture of my son in his costume at age 2, standing next to a snowman or equal height that we built earlier that day.


  4. Those fall colors in the snow do make for striking photos.

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