Month: March 2020

You Heard a Rumor

You were naive once [or perhaps delusional] thinking tomorrow was today was yesterday, the only difference an inconsequentially subtle blush. But Weren’t we all? Myths have been shattered, truths exposed. Linearity was never real, as evidenced by this collective stepping-back…. Read More ›

Sounds Like Disco

I survived my first week WFH with all my mental faculties intact. I’ll consider that a win. And actually, I was quite productive, though I always seem to get more done at home versus the office. I’ve gotten really good… Read More ›


187. That’s the number of meatballs I made last night for my homemade Italian wedding soup. This is one of our favorite meals, and the recipe I cook most often. We have it at least once a month (probably two… Read More ›

Joining the WFH Club

Shit got real today. Or, at the very least, it felt like the bubble we’ve been living in burst. Consider this: South Dakota is the fourth-least populated state in the country, but the 16th largest. We joke that we’re behind… Read More ›

Walking CliffsNotes

I think I might be working too hard or something, because my professional life is beginning to seep into my personal life. It’s like a crossover episode where characters from two different television shows mingle, like they did on Happy… Read More ›