Redemption Dinner II

Last night, I got to redeem myself a second time. A couple of months ago, I made this Turkey Pumpkin White Bean Chili. And I screwed that one up, too—but it had nothing to do with alcohol. I have only math to blame.

The recipe calls for two pounds of ground turkey. Because Tara wouldn’t touch this dish with an eight-foot pole, I used one pound instead. But, ahem, I failed to scale back the other ingredients. As a result, it turned out far too pumpkin-y. I was pretty dismayed, because this one’s a personal fave. So, again, I had another chance at redemption. And, like Alexander Hamilton, I did not throw away my shot.

I enjoyed the bowl of chili with some wine in front of a blazing fire in the basement. After a week’s worth of unseasonably warm weather, Monday’s high was only 32º, so it all really hit the spot.

Today’s Daily Dad Joke made me laugh. Hard.

Tara is currently in Denver, the first leg of her return trip over. She’s got a three-hour layover and is scheduled to arrive in Rapid City around 8:30. Once she texts that she’s landed, I’ll be headed to the airport to pick her up.

I’m excited to have Veteran’s Day off tomorrow. Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever had this particular holiday off. Thank you, CenturyCo! Tara and I plan to head downtown for a little shopping and lunch.

Still not sure if I’m writing every day this month…

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  1. Ooh. I may have to steal that joke for the pod. 😉

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  2. Dad joke–good one. Sounds like a nice day off planned tomorrow.
    Still not sure if I’m reading every day this month…

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  3. I’m with Tara… unless that pumpkin is decorating my front porch, I don’t want it. But happy new day off!

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  4. After you become an ordained minister how about aiming to become a food photographer? I mean…you appear to be a multi-talented man… 😳🙃😛

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  5. So how does your cat like it when Tara’s gone? Or does she even notice?

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  6. Nice joke. I think I’d like pumpkin chili but maybe with proper proportions. Does that make me fussy?

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  1. Redemption Dinner II – Story land

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