The Six Million Dollar Toy

First off, thank you for your positive comments regarding “The Egg!” I was especially intrigued by this one, from Deb:

From my perspective Mark you could flesh this original out and turn it into a dystopian/sci-fi/fantasy novel. I wouldn’t mind knowing if Henry ever left that egg… especially since we only have about 8 years until he makes his fateful decision.

Hmm. I can honestly say that thought never crossed my mind…but it may be worth exploring. We shall see.

Also, I’ve got two other short stories and a one-act play I wrote in college. Based on your positive feedback, I might just go ahead and share those in the near future. If, of course, I keep posting every day this month. I’m still on the fence about that…

I was scrolling through Facebook today and came upon a memory I posted seven years ago. It actually dates back to…umm…1976?

Those pants! That couch!!! #tbt #70shorrors

Yes, that is me. I remember those pants well: they were my favorites! And I was thrilled with my Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man action figure, a gift for my must’ve been 7th birthday? I loved that show, and this action figure was just about the coolest toy I ever owned. I remember, you could look through the bionic eye and roll up the rubber skin over his arms to reveal bionics. Man, they don’t make toys like that anymore, do they? It would probably be worth a small fortune today, but alas, I have no idea what ever happened to ol’ Steve.

Lee Majors, on the other hand? Still kickin’ it at 81. Long live the Bionic Man!

Also, can I just point out the awesomeness of that VERY ’70s couch? So cool! In a retro, ironic way, of course. As were the lamp and end table beside it.

I miss that decade so very much.

Still not sure if I’m writing every day this month…

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  1. I loved Steve Austin! His skin that rolled up to reveal bionic parts and the bionic eye! Dang I loved that show too and the Bionic women. Those pants are next level awesome.

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  2. it all works together, the pants, the couch, and Steve Austin. a time machine

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  3. Too funny! We should all post pics from the 70’s. I think I have a marvelous one of me rocking some purple striped bell bottoms…

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  4. My eyes can’t stop moving between the couch and your pants! As a child/teen of the 70’s there really is a lot I love to reminisce over. Sorry Mark, but your couch wouldn’t be one of those things.

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  5. I’m always amazed by how well some old pictures came out–not fuzzy, with big smiles–considering the old photographic equipment.

    That’s a great picture.

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  6. I had a Pigs in Space lunch box in 4th grade. What I wouldn’t give to have that today. It would probably be worth a lot, but I’d keep it because who doesn’t love Pigs in Space?!

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  7. MY AUNT HAD THAT COUCH!! I guess the 70’s unites us all. LOL.

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  8. Well what a cute blond boy you were (are). 😉

    Yeah the fashions were…horrid. 😄

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