Syrup Traps

The people of Rapid City probably think I’m nuts, because chances are if you see me driving around town, I’ll be laughing my ass off…even when I’m alone in the car.

I blame SiriusXM for this. After signing up for a subscription, I explored a few of the stations but never ventured beyond, I dunno, 42 on the “dial.” In other words, where the rap and hip-hop stations begin. I’d already saved The Spectrum and Sirius XMU and Studio 54 Radio and ’70s on 7 and Classic Rewind and E-Street Radio. I figured those covered the basics.

But then, a few days ago, I was stuck at a red light and a lame song came on, so I decided to channel surf in deeper waters. And found some surprises, like North Americana (Canadian artists!) and Holly (Christmas tunes!) and NPR (real news, not that pesky “fake” stuff!) and…best of all…a bunch of comedy channels, like Laugh USA and Raw Dog Comedy. Both play brief commercial-free stand-up clips, usually no more than 2-3 minutes long, from a variety of comedians. They’re like a greatest hits’ selection from each routine and pretty hilarious. Hence, the uncontrollable laughter. If you see me pull into the parking lot at Safeway with tears streaming down my face, don’t worry: my dog didn’t die and I’m not suddenly unemployed; I just heard Mitch Hedberg riff on how waffles are like pancakes with syrup traps.

Tomorrow, we feast. But tonight we eat hot dogs. Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! To my Canadian friends, I say simply, sucks to be you.  But you do have poutine and kick-ass healthcare, so ultimately, YOU WIN.

Still not sure if I’m writing every day this month…

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  1. I live on the Spectrum…. but there are so many good stations to choose from.

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  2. I am confused. Thanksgiving is on Wednesday now? Anyway, don’t worry, Mr. Google will set me straight. I’ll go figure out once and for all when American-Thankgiving-put-up-the-Christmas-tree-at-the-same-time is so I can sleep peacefully tonight. 😉

    Also, you’re weird. 😛

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  3. Syrup traps!!!!!

    Also, I love hot dogs!!! And chili dogs. And corn dogs.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Counting down the hours to that stuffing & gravy.

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  4. Happy discovery! Laughter is good. Always helpful to keep around..

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  5. Happy Thanksgiving. Only had 3 coffees today. So far. 😛

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