About Me

I was born a nomad. Moving is in my blood. So when the Pacific Northwest began to lose its luster, I gave in to that old familiar tug of wanderlust and pulled up stakes, moving 1,250 miles east, to begin a new life in the Midwest. My destination: Rapid City, South Dakota.

I’d lived here before, a lifetime ago, before cellphones and the internet and the fall of the Berlin Wall, in a prehistoric era when Bryan Adams ruled the airwaves. Things have changed a lot since then, but Rapid City is still small enough to feel quaint and cozy. And the Black Hills are still the most beautiful place on earth.

I set out, accompanied by my wife and cat. Tara and Sydney (in that order). We arrived on June 25, 2018, and have called this new (old) place home ever since. We bought a house in 2019, and I landed my dream job as a Senior Content Writer for a local media and publishing company.

Things I like: vinyl records, lava lamps, thunderstorms, bad puns, and Bloody Marys. Things I’m less fond of: the color red (but only when it comes to political maps).

Oh, and I wrote a book. One of these days, I’ll publish another.

Thank you for following along on my journey.


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  1. Air force parent sounds cool. We’re aviation people – husband was an airline pilot (Canada) but now teaching and instructing, and I used to be a flight attendant (before I met him). 🙂


  2. Just a quick stop by your blog and I see we were kinda/sorta neighbors for some years. I know so very little about South Dakota, other than it sits below North Dakota, but I hope going back home will be the perfect move for you.
    Honestly I would so do Portland over Seattle any day. Oldest daughter went to nursing school in Portland so I get the hipster trendy thing, but it has Powell’s Books so that is clearly a positive.

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  3. Wait …..what!
    You mean Bryan Adams doesn’t rule the airwaves anymore?
    You love vinyl and bad puns?
    I think we’ll get along fine.


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