Farewell Voyage of the S.S. No Name

It's been quite a productive weekend so far! With sunshine and temperatures in the 60s, Tara's been busy in the garden. First, she built a row cover for her raised beds. This is to protect them from the cold. We've probably seen our last freezing temperature of the season, but they're forecasting lows in the … Continue reading Farewell Voyage of the S.S. No Name

You can ring my dinner bell.

A couple of months ago, Tara got involved in online estate auctions. She'd bid on vintage items like swag lamps and wicker mirrors. The idea is to buy them cheap, clean them up, then turn around and sell them for a profit. She even considered renting space at St. Joe Antiques Mall, but there's a … Continue reading You can ring my dinner bell.

One away from 50K!

Lots of change is afoot. For starters, I completely revamped my site. Or rather, sites. Plural. For years, I've had a professional(ish) site, first name last name dot com, plus a separate blog. Once upon a time, that was Mark My Words. Then, when we decided to move to South Dakota, I started a new … Continue reading One away from 50K!

Chivalry isn’t dead, but it doesn’t need to sit out in the cold either.

Shortly after we bought our house, my parents wanted to buy us a housewarming gift and gave us a choice—a storage shed or a freezer. To us, it was a no-brainer: we chose the freezer. The refrigerator we'd inherited from Doris was one of those side-by-side units and the freezer space was shockingly small. Price … Continue reading Chivalry isn’t dead, but it doesn’t need to sit out in the cold either.

What in Blazes is Going On?!

A few days ago, I was putting on a coat and noticed a thread caught in the zipper. I moseyed over to the kitchen, grabbed a pair of scissors, and started to cut it off. “Hang on,” Tara said, mid-snip. “Let me take care of that for you.” I thought I had the situation pretty … Continue reading What in Blazes is Going On?!

Cheers to Camels and Clocks

“Humpday” may be the universal nickname for Wednesday, but for years, I’ve called it “Winesday.”  This dates to my very-laid-back job in Camas, WA. The ultra-hip office with the kegerator and ping-pong table and anything-goes dress code. Even the owners would show up wearing shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. BTW, I think I just set a … Continue reading Cheers to Camels and Clocks


We were getting ready to go out a few days ago when I noticed that Tara had one sock and shoe on. Her other foot was bare. This blew my mind. "Have you always done that?" I asked."Done what?" she wondered. "Put on your socks and shoes like that.""Like what?""One foot at a time." "Of … Continue reading Sock-Sock-Shoe-Shoe

Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

That’s a tomorrow problem.Swinged CatFeb. 1, 2022 The problem with tomorrow problems is, tomorrow they turn into today problems. Which is why it was especially hard to crawl out of bed on Tuesday morning after a long weekend. We traded in a cozy basement with movies, wine, and a fire in the hearth for this. … Continue reading Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

No Wolf, No Wall Street (But Maybe a Little Coke)

I checked the mail yesterday and saw that Tara had a special delivery. "Your porno mag's here!" I told her, and tossed it onto the dining room table. She looked at me askance and then burst out laughing. Hey, scoff if you will, but there were some nice melons on page 84. If you don't … Continue reading No Wolf, No Wall Street (But Maybe a Little Coke)

Seven Prompts and a Whopper of a Sunset

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a winter hike. It might look cold, but the temperature was actually about 50º. Little Elk Creek has become one of our favorite go-to hikes because the trail is mostly level with a gradual incline and the canyon is sheltered from the wind. It was a little slippery due … Continue reading Seven Prompts and a Whopper of a Sunset