Feel-Good Story of the Year

With so much negativity in the news these days — everything from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to Will Smith’s bitch-slap-heard-‘round-the-world—it’s rare but refreshing to read something positive. Writing something positive is even better. I don’t often get that opportunity. I’m not saying the articles I write for CenturyCo aren’t informative or entertaining. Profiling a children’s … Continue reading Feel-Good Story of the Year

I See in Rhyme. Like, All the Time.

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and somehow, the topic of Dr. Seuss came up. “If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s rhymes and lame poetry,” I confessed. I wasn’t trying to sound conceited or anything. It’s just an odd (and useless) talent I have. “Oh, good!” she replied. “You … Continue reading I See in Rhyme. Like, All the Time.


We were getting ready to go out a few days ago when I noticed that Tara had one sock and shoe on. Her other foot was bare. This blew my mind. "Have you always done that?" I asked."Done what?" she wondered. "Put on your socks and shoes like that.""Like what?""One foot at a time." "Of … Continue reading Sock-Sock-Shoe-Shoe

Could’a Made a Lotta Clams By Now

It’s nice that the sun is coming up a little earlier now and setting later. It makes for some scenic evening commutes. Not so nice? Driving over a curb when turning into the parking lot of your favorite coffee shop because you’re temporarily blinded by the rising sun. I wanted a jolt, but the kind … Continue reading Could’a Made a Lotta Clams By Now

Mr. Sassypants Strikes Again

We were having our weekly marketing meeting over Teams last week and my boss said I was being sassy. (He wasn’t mad or anything. He laughed when he said it.) This followed my comment in which I told D, my supervisor, "Sure, I'll have that assignment done before noon. As long as you don't drone … Continue reading Mr. Sassypants Strikes Again

My Future as a Bitcoin Miner is in Jeopardy

I learn a lot when researching stories for CenturyCo…and often that knowledge seeps into my personal life. Case in point: after writing a holiday article titled Tis the Season to Use Wi-Fi, I realized how efficient and convenient smart technology could be around the house. And we upgraded to smart plugs, bulbs, and timers to … Continue reading My Future as a Bitcoin Miner is in Jeopardy

The Word Count Nazis are Ruthless

I joined Nextdoor a few years ago, and by and large, I find it pretty informative...especially when it comes to things like recommendations for contractors. Want to find a plumber or electrician? Who better to ask than your literal neighbors. They're also good at keeping you in the loop about things like porch pirates, suspicious … Continue reading The Word Count Nazis are Ruthless

If You Like Piña Coladas

I scored a victory today. Felt kind of like a senator who’d sponsored a bill and watched it pass into law. It’s a euphoric feeling. And exactly how I felt last year when I convinced my supervisor, a former journalist, to embrace the Oxford comma, AP style be damned. I about fell out of my … Continue reading If You Like Piña Coladas

Viva La Corporate America!

One year ago today, I started my new job at CenturyCo. It was actually my second day with the company, but the first time I set foot in the Rapid City office. The day before had been a five-hour orientation at corporate HQ in Wall. It's weird, by the way. Walking into a new job … Continue reading Viva La Corporate America!