Like an Eagle or Superman

Flying last week reminded me how much I hate flying. There's something about defying the laws of gravity that feels...I don't know, cocky, for lack of a better word. I'm no engineer, but I do understand the mechanics of flight. Lift and weight and thrust and drag. Pitch, roll, and yaw. Rudders and elevators and … Continue reading Like an Eagle or Superman

“Flying” the Friendly Skies

I recently came across an advertisement for a company that sells an authentic "Pan Am experience" to anybody interested in flying the friendlier, 1960s-era skies. For a mere $297, you can board a perfectly recreated Pan Am 747 jumbo jet complete with spiral staircase, upper deck dining room, and stewardesses dressed in authentic uniforms. Think short skirts, … Continue reading “Flying” the Friendly Skies