Our tomatoes survived the big chill better than Kevin Costner.

It's been cold here. So cold, we had record lows the past two nights. At one point Saturday, my wipers were beating furiously to keep snow from accumulating on my windshield. Believe it or not, snow in May isn't all that unusual here. Most years, we at least get a dusting. But usually at the … Continue reading Our tomatoes survived the big chill better than Kevin Costner.

Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

That’s a tomorrow problem.Swinged CatFeb. 1, 2022 The problem with tomorrow problems is, tomorrow they turn into today problems. Which is why it was especially hard to crawl out of bed on Tuesday morning after a long weekend. We traded in a cozy basement with movies, wine, and a fire in the hearth for this. … Continue reading Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

21 Reasons Why ’21 Didn’t Suck

When I woke up this morning, it was snowing and 5º. I lounged in my recliner, sipping a cup of coffee, watching the snow pile up as the temperature dropped. It was down to zero when Tara left shortly before 8 a.m. I felt bad that she had to work and was grateful that I … Continue reading 21 Reasons Why ’21 Didn’t Suck

You’ll Have to Pry This Cookie Gun From My Cold, Dead, Flour-Dusted Hands

At one point on Sunday afternoon, I was gathering and stacking wood while Tara was in the kitchen baking. Then I went downstairs to watch football while she busied herself doing laundry. Rarely have our gender roles been so clearly—and, it must be said, stereotypically—defined. It's not always like that. Honestly, it's rarely like that. … Continue reading You’ll Have to Pry This Cookie Gun From My Cold, Dead, Flour-Dusted Hands

Have I Been Exiled to Siberia?

If nothing else, these first seven months at my new job have taught me that I need to dress for work the exact opposite of what the season calls for. All winter long, I roasted in my office. Even with the ceiling vent closed, heat would still seep in and slowly roast me. I came … Continue reading Have I Been Exiled to Siberia?

Being Taurus

Today's life lesson: do not take a sip of wine after eating a blue cheese-stuffed olive. This was a glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc if you’re curious, but I’m pretty sure the variety of wine doesn’t matter. White, red, sparkling…fuggedaboutit. Pace yourself. Wait 10 minutes. ‘Cause life is short and that is one sip you’ll … Continue reading Being Taurus

Hold the Sprouts

Today marks the 8-month anniversary of our arrival in South Dakota. Feels like we've been below zero for seven of those months! Ha. Slight exaggeration. I remember well the heat and humidity that greeted us our first week here. But this extended cold snap is something else. I was chatting with a local business owner … Continue reading Hold the Sprouts