A Tree Stump By a Lake

There's an unassuming tree stump in a park I like to visit on my lunch hour. It's situated by a picturesque lake, surrounded by red cedars and Douglas firs. There is nothing special about this tree stump...except for the fact that it once served as the backdrop to a family Christmas card photo, many years ago. … Continue reading A Tree Stump By a Lake

This Time it was Really Right

By all accounts, I should be a very cynical man. But instead of shying away from the prospect of a second marriage, I embrace it with a confidence normally reserved for poets, philosophers, and greeting card manufacturers. Why is this so? Last night, my brother and his girlfriend/life partner flew into town for our wedding. … Continue reading This Time it was Really Right

Where Do I Park My Flying Car?

Twenty-six years to the day I graduated from high school, I found myself seated on aluminum bleachers in a covered stadium, drenching rain giving way to scattered clouds and a gorgeous sunset poking through stands of Douglas fir trees. And then "Pomp & Circumstance" began playing, and history repeated itself. Last night, Rusty graduated from high … Continue reading Where Do I Park My Flying Car?

Nothing Ever Changes Except Everything

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about running into my former neighbors. I hadn't seen this couple in a few years, and though we chatted only briefly, it was long enough for me to learn that virtually nothing had changed in their lives. They still live in the same house, on the same street, … Continue reading Nothing Ever Changes Except Everything

Mayberry Forever

Today is my daughter's birthday. Audrey turns eleven. While I'm happy to be celebrating this milestone with her, it also makes me feel a bit nostalgic for the past. My life was very different 11 years ago. As if to drive this point home, I recently stumbled across a shoebox full of 8mm videotapes from … Continue reading Mayberry Forever