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Bachelor Chronicles: Day 8

Any hope of a relaxing end to the holiday weekend evaporated by 8 a.m. when I realized all the chores I still had left to do before Tara got home. After coffee on the patio, I proceeded to water the garden and patio plants;… Continue Reading “Bachelor Chronicles: Day 8”

Bachelor Chronicles: Day 7

If yesterday’s post appeared to end rather abruptly, that’s not your imagination. After several hot hours outside, and several gin and sodas, things kind of got away from me. First, Tara tried to video call me, but I couldn’t figure out the screen. Then… Continue Reading “Bachelor Chronicles: Day 7”

Bachelor Chronicles: Day 4

My boss officially reopened the office today. Not that we ever actually closed down; it just means that the holdouts still working from home had to start coming in again. I’m glad I made the decision to transition back on my own a month… Continue Reading “Bachelor Chronicles: Day 4”

Bachelor Chronicles: Day 2

My aunt left an interesting comment on Facebook in response to my boat post. Years ago (and I mean really years ago and not just before the pandemic), when I visited you from California, we had lunch at a restaurant on the Columbia. You… Continue Reading “Bachelor Chronicles: Day 2”

Think Pink

Sunday, a miracle happened. I actually convinced Tara that our yard would be better off with a few flamingos. Not real ones, mind you (though, if they could survive the harsh South Dakota winters, I’d totally be down). As you might recall, I recently… Continue Reading “Think Pink”

This Old Sardine Can

I hope you’re enjoying your three-day weekend! Unless you’re reading this in a country that doesn’t celebrate Memorial Day. In which case…happy just-Monday. It’s been a busy few days. Knowing we were tackling a major project, I wanted to ease into the weekend, so… Continue Reading “This Old Sardine Can”

Not-So-Dandy Lion

As you might recall, I recently channeled my inner landscape architect in an attempt to convert a jumbled pile of rock and dirt into something more visually appealing. This little plot next to our stoop (I was outvoted 15-0 in the online poll…thanks for… Continue Reading “Not-So-Dandy Lion”

Hector & the Polar Vortex

This weekend felt normal(ish) for the first time in ages. Saturday morning, we went out to breakfast. At an actual restaurant. It’s funny how something so routine that we used to take for granted felt like an absolute novelty. It wasn’t exactly like the… Continue Reading “Hector & the Polar Vortex”

The Final Frontier

I’ve been listening to a podcast called “13 Minutes to the Moon” these past couple of weeks. It’s a departure from the usual true crime, news, and entertainment stuff I typically gravitate toward, but with all the crap going on nowadays, that’s a welcome… Continue Reading “The Final Frontier”

Give Me Tenderloin or Give Me Death

In light of the Smithfield plant closure in Sioux Falls, I decided to make a pork run yesterday. I mean, we can’t be running out of bacon now, can we?! Actually, bacon isn’t even the issue. I was looking for pork loin and chops.… Continue Reading “Give Me Tenderloin or Give Me Death”