Reunited with Alexa and it feels so good.

I got back from my work trip Friday afternoon and immediately went home, as I'd put in a bunch of extra hours in the evenings. This allowed me to sit on the patio and relax, despite the heat and humidity. I soldiered through with cold beer and music. I was happy to be reunited with … Continue reading Reunited with Alexa and it feels so good.

Viva La Corporate America!

One year ago today, I started my new job at CenturyCo. It was actually my second day with the company, but the first time I set foot in the Rapid City office. The day before had been a five-hour orientation at corporate HQ in Wall. It's weird, by the way. Walking into a new job … Continue reading Viva La Corporate America!

Memphis Mafia, Party Of One

Elvis Has Entered the Building Our weekend getaway was a blast! Saturday morning, bright and early, Tara and I hit the road for the tiny burg of Freeman, South Dakota. It's considered the heart of the Chislic Circle and the birthplace of South Dakota's official state nosh. If you haven't heard of chislic before (and … Continue reading Memphis Mafia, Party Of One