You can ring my dinner bell.

A couple of months ago, Tara got involved in online estate auctions. She'd bid on vintage items like swag lamps and wicker mirrors. The idea is to buy them cheap, clean them up, then turn around and sell them for a profit. She even considered renting space at St. Joe Antiques Mall, but there's a … Continue reading You can ring my dinner bell.

Delightful to Frightful

Anybody searching for proof that South Dakota's weather is bipolar need look no further than Saturday morning's forecast. We didn't quite hit 70º yesterday, but came damn close. 68.7º, to be exact. It was so warm that Tara and I took a walk around Canyon Lake wearing nothing but t-shirts! Well, okay...we had pants on, … Continue reading Delightful to Frightful

0 Angry Men

I was selected for jury duty this week. Actually, I was selected back in September. But that wasn't convenient for me, so I requested a postponement. You have to pick a date sometime within the next six months, so I perused the calendar and decided that the week of January 9th would be about as … Continue reading 0 Angry Men