And they call Chicago the windy city…

I attended an offsite luncheon presentation this afternoon. The speaker was from Tucson, Arizona, and this was his first visit to Rapid City. The first thing he said to the audience: “What is up with the wind around here?!” Apparently, it rattled his hotel room windows all night long. So much so, that he got … Continue reading And they call Chicago the windy city…

Time Traveler Goals

I remember a shopping trip to Target about two months ago when we were stocking up on toilet paper. I grabbed one of those giant 24 packs but hesitated before putting it back on the shelf in favor of a 12-pack. I reasoned that would be plenty for the immediate future. Some people say if they … Continue reading Time Traveler Goals

You Heard a Rumor

You were naive once [or perhaps delusional] thinking tomorrow was today was yesterday, the only difference an inconsequentially subtle blush. But Weren't we all? Myths have been shattered, truths exposed. Linearity was never real, as evidenced by this collective stepping-back. Structure and order So perfectly plotted out? Life is no haiku. There once was a … Continue reading You Heard a Rumor

May Day (South Dakota-style)

Happy May Day from South Dakota! Yes, that photo was taken today. Its' been quite a snowy couple of days. 5" of heavy, wet snow on Tuesday, and several more inches today. They say that Rapid City has now recorded its 4th-snowiest winter of all time. To that I say...umm, winter ended about 40 days … Continue reading May Day (South Dakota-style)