Serial and Milk(ing it)

Writers love playing the “what-if?” game. It’s how we get our best ideas. Many years ago, I read a series of articles in The Oregonian about the growing problem of eco-terrorism in the western states. One line in particular grabbed me: the reporter wrote, “It’s a miracle nobody has been killed.” So, I thought, what … Continue reading Serial and Milk(ing it)

Interview With a Ghost: Cole Carter Speaks

Last month, Lisa Nowak - fellow author and Portlander - graciously allowed me to promote my book on her blog. Her idea was for a character interview with the protagonist, so Rachel Sullivan - heroine of No Time For Kings - dished about what's been happening in her life after the events in my story. I thought … Continue reading Interview With a Ghost: Cole Carter Speaks

Not Grandmother Approved

I’ve come up with a new marketing slogan for my novel, No Time For Kings. NOT GRANDMOTHER APPROVED. Both my grandmother and Tara’s read the book, and while it’s received very positive reviews from the majority of readers – including glowing recommendations in San Francisco Book Review and Portland Book Review – neither of our … Continue reading Not Grandmother Approved

Hidden Nuts, Sexy Feet and Unnecessary Apostrophes

How Do They Locate Their Nuts? Sipping coffee from my back patio this morning, I watched as a squirrel buried a nut in the damp earth beside a row of arborvitae. What a cliche, I thought. I actually muttered it out loud, to be honest. And then I wondered, how will he ever know where … Continue reading Hidden Nuts, Sexy Feet and Unnecessary Apostrophes

You’re So Vain, You Probably Think Self-Publishing’s About You

Sunday was quite amazing. After all, it isn't every day that your book is released. It started out with a text from Rusty in the morning. You're the number 1 "No Time For Kings" on Google search now. Yes! This pleased me to no end. You see, there's another book out there with my same … Continue reading You’re So Vain, You Probably Think Self-Publishing’s About You

What’s That Weird Buzzing Sound?

$30 Paperweight  I picked up the phone the other day to call my dad, and got a busy signal. That took me aback - when was the last time I'd heard one of those?! It occurred to me then that busy signals also belong on my list of things that are obsolete nowadays. Thankfully, because … Continue reading What’s That Weird Buzzing Sound?

You Want Me To Put That Arugula WHERE?!

Shut Up And Let Her Cook I've been watching a lot of cooking shows lately. I mean, I've always been into them - but now, even more so. I go through phases with what I watch; for a while it was nothing but true crime shows. Then old sitcoms. Now, if a show's got the word … Continue reading You Want Me To Put That Arugula WHERE?!

Six Weeks To Immortality

Eggceptional...But Worth The Price?  One of the comments on my last post had to do with the eggs I purchased from the farmer's market on Saturday. The ones that cost me $6.00 for a dozen. This blogger asked if they were really worth the price, which was funny, because not more than an hour earlier … Continue reading Six Weeks To Immortality

Feeling Sorry For Clouds

I was taking a walk after dinner last night. It was about an hour before sunset and the westering sun was low on the horizon but still shining brightly. A few clouds were drifting lazily by. They weren't the puffy white cumulus variety, but rather stretched out and gray: shapeless, lacking form and definition. They … Continue reading Feeling Sorry For Clouds