Or are you just happy to see me?

A few weeks ago, I noticed a rather large bulge in my pants. "Is that a phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" my wife asked. "Err...it's a phone in my pocket," I said, and whipped it out to show her. (THE PHONE, people! Sheesh. Clamor down.) This was certainly … Continue reading Or are you just happy to see me?

Phoning It In

I was watching the news earlier and they were showing a woman who was 104 years old pushing a cart through the grocery store, and marveling over the fact that at such an advanced age she was still independent enough to handle the weekly shopping duties on her own. I had two thoughts about this: I hope I'm … Continue reading Phoning It In

One Dozen. No Dozin’.

Goodreads, the self-professed "social network for book nerds," sent me an email recently encouraging me to sign up for their 2016 Reading Challenge. This involves setting a goal for yourself to read a certain number of books during the course of the year. Simple enough, I figured. So I followed the link, gave it a … Continue reading One Dozen. No Dozin’.

Old People & Technology: How Cute!

Today at work I had to watch a mandatory video on sexual harassment. It was corny and cheesy and laughter-inducing, as such videos often are. To make matters worse, they made me watch it with another new hire who happened to be blonde and female. While we were leaving the conference room I had a … Continue reading Old People & Technology: How Cute!

Oh hAPPy day!

You know how technology makes everything smaller? Devices like cameras and laptop computers and MP3 players keep shrinking in size, right? There is one exception to that trend: cellphones. This became obvious to me on Friday, when I picked up a new phone. My contract with Sprint was about to expire, and the way they … Continue reading Oh hAPPy day!