Our tomatoes survived the big chill better than Kevin Costner.

It's been cold here. So cold, we had record lows the past two nights. At one point Saturday, my wipers were beating furiously to keep snow from accumulating on my windshield. Believe it or not, snow in May isn't all that unusual here. Most years, we at least get a dusting. But usually at the … Continue reading Our tomatoes survived the big chill better than Kevin Costner.

Still horn-y after all these years.

Friday evening was wild. Actually, the whole day felt heavy with anticipation. Like things were going to happen. Sure enough... It began when I stepped onto the front porch at 5:30 for my morning walk. The air was pungent with the earthy aroma of rain. Which was odd, given that there wasn't a cloud in … Continue reading Still horn-y after all these years.

And they call Chicago the windy city…

I attended an offsite luncheon presentation this afternoon. The speaker was from Tucson, Arizona, and this was his first visit to Rapid City. The first thing he said to the audience: “What is up with the wind around here?!” Apparently, it rattled his hotel room windows all night long. So much so, that he got … Continue reading And they call Chicago the windy city…

Sprout, Sprout, Let it All Out

While staring out the window yesterday, watching the snow piling up, I said to Tara, super excitedly, "Looks like it'll be enough to bust out the snow blower!" It was. And this morning, I did. But then I couldn't help thinking, what is so exciting about using a snow blower?! It's big and bulky and … Continue reading Sprout, Sprout, Let it All Out

21 Reasons Why ’21 Didn’t Suck

When I woke up this morning, it was snowing and 5º. I lounged in my recliner, sipping a cup of coffee, watching the snow pile up as the temperature dropped. It was down to zero when Tara left shortly before 8 a.m. I felt bad that she had to work and was grateful that I … Continue reading 21 Reasons Why ’21 Didn’t Suck

Wash, Rinse, Reheat

When our microwave crapped out on us two months ago, we sort of shrugged our shoulders. "No big deal," we said. "How much do we really use a microwave anyway?" Well. The answer, it turns out, is a lot. Reheating leftovers, of course. Which we managed to do on the stove or in the oven, … Continue reading Wash, Rinse, Reheat

Tina, Eat the Food!

I had a Zoom meeting with a Hollywood producer this morning. Which is a very cool sentence to type out, but not nearly as glamorous as it sounds. I'd love to say I was pitching the screenplay for my novel to some big-time movie studio, but alas, I was merely interviewing a guy for a … Continue reading Tina, Eat the Food!

Tiny Test Meatballs & Bring on the Snow!

For days, they'd been hyping a big winter storm for us this weekend. Colorado is in the bullseye, but the system is so large it was expected to spread copious amounts of snow our way, too. With this in mind, we took the necessary precautions. I brought my laptop home from work just in case, … Continue reading Tiny Test Meatballs & Bring on the Snow!

Cups for Pups

One of my friends posted a photo on Facebook last week after he'd stopped by his local coffeeshop for a morning pick-me-up. Not just for he and his wife, but for their dogs, too. Apparently, it's trendy now for coffeeshops to serve Frappuccinos for dogs. Starbucks has a Puppuccino, and other places have followed suit. … Continue reading Cups for Pups