Tiny Test Meatballs & Bring on the Snow!

For days, they'd been hyping a big winter storm for us this weekend. Colorado is in the bullseye, but the system is so large it was expected to spread copious amounts of snow our way, too. With this in mind, we took the necessary precautions. I brought my laptop home from work just in case, … Continue reading Tiny Test Meatballs & Bring on the Snow!

W3ak Pa$sw@rd, My As$!

Not long ago, I read a post from one of my blogging buddies (hi, Ron!) about the frustration of keeping track of passwords in this computerized day and age. His post was hilarious, and easy to relate to. Ron wrote about keeping track of all his passwords in a spiral notebook that is so messy … Continue reading W3ak Pa$sw@rd, My As$!