The Surgeon

The air hangs heavy, stifling and still, lacking even the faintest hint of a breeze to stir up the atmosphere and provide some measure of relief. It’s draped atop us like a weighted blanket, smothering and oppressive. Isn’t that the… Read More ›

Joining the WFH Club

Shit got real today. Or, at the very least, it felt like the bubble we’ve been living in burst. Consider this: South Dakota is the fourth-least populated state in the country, but the 16th largest. We joke that we’re behind… Read More ›

Gift Horse(s)

My muscles are aching like crazy today. Wish I could say it’s the result of some super manly act like chopping wood or changing the spark plugs on my car rebuilding the engine on my car, but no such luck. It’s… Read More ›